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Signature Massages

60 or 90 Min

A specially designed massage to meet your goals and give you the best massage possible. This can be Swedish or Deep Tissue.

Hot Stone Massages

30, 60 Or 90 Min

Signature Massage with the added benefit of hot stones to help warm up, relax and soothe those muscles. You will feel rejuvenated from this amazingly warming treatment!

Prenatal Massages

30, 60 or 90 Min

A great way to stay relaxed and healthy during pregnancy while relieving aches and pains. Safe for mommy and baby. Not available during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Leef CBD

60 or 90 Min

Massage that starts with a the Thrival Tincture. This tincture will help your mind and body begin to deeply relax. The Leef Wellness Thrive massage oil has the incredible strength to adjust imbalances within the body. Ending with the REVIVE salve saturates sore muscles and joints, providing relief and restoration.

Young Living Rain Drop Massage

60 Min

The Raindrop Technique, inspired by Native American traditions and developed by Young Living’s D. Gary Young, combines targeted massage with premium essential oils for body and mind rejuvenation. It promotes relaxation, muscle relief, emotional well-being, and overall harmony.

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Experience the soothing essence of nature with our aromatherapy treatments. Utilizing essential oils like lavender for relaxation, tea tree for its antibacterial properties, frankincense for anti-inflammatory benefits, and more, we aim to alleviate stress, improve sleep, and uplift your mood. For those with conditions such as epilepsy or asthma, we provide customized care to ensure a safe and relaxing experience.

Rejuvenating Scalp Treatment

Our scalp treatment rejuvenates your hair and scalp health. Employing exfoliation, detoxification, and stimulation, it encourages optimal hair growth. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, tea tree, rosemary oil, and retinols work together to hydrate, detoxify, and promote thicker, healthier hair. This treatment is perfect for anyone seeking to improve hair density and strength.

Reflexology Services

Reflexology at Thrive Medspa focuses on precise reflex points in the feet and hands, corresponding to various body organs and systems. This therapy aims to enhance relaxation, blood circulation, and immunity, while providing pain relief and boosting energy. Tailored techniques like acupressure and heel squeezes help in improving digestion and sleep, making it a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Cupping Therapy

Our cupping therapy offers deep muscle relaxation and pain relief. This ancient technique uses suction cups to gently stretch muscles and connective tissues, improving blood circulation. It’s an excellent complement to other therapies, such as trigger point therapy, to enhance the overall therapeutic experience.

Time to relax and feel better

What are the benefits of massage in Portsmouth?

Stress Reduction

Promotes relaxation and reduces the effects of stress on the body.

Improved Circulation

Enhances blood flow, aiding in recovery and overall health.

Boosted Immune system

Enhances blood flow, aiding in recovery and overall health.

Increased Energy

Revitalizes the body and mind, leading to increased energy levels.

Enhanced Flexibility

Loosens tight muscles and increases range of motion.

Better Sleep Quality

Encourages relaxation, contributing to restful sleep.

Emotional Well-being

Reduces anxiety and can help in managing depression.


Promotes the elimination of toxins from the body.

Improved Skin Tone

Massage oils and techniques can improve skin elasticity and appearance.

Pain Relief

Stimulates lymphatic drainage, potentially improving immunity.

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How to prepare for my massage in Portsmouth?

Proper preparation for your massage appointment is essential to getting the most out of your session. It’s recommended that you arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time, allowing yourself enough time to unwind and ensure a punctual start. Staying well-hydrated beforehand is crucial as it makes muscle manipulation more comfortable and can prevent post-massage soreness. Avoiding alcohol consumption prior to a massage is also important, as it may intensify its effects leading to dizziness, lightheadedness or nausea.

Massage Aftercare

A massage can offer more than just relaxation during your time at the spa. By following proper aftercare, you can extend the positive effects of a massage on your body. One crucial aspect of post-massage care is staying hydrated, which helps eliminate toxins from your system and prolongs the benefits. Maintaining hydration aids in retaining the heat generated by the treatment for several hours afterward. These simple steps are essential to maximizing your massage experience and reaping its advantages long after leaving the session.
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