Waxing Treatments in Portsmouth

Removing unwanted body hair, offering a smoother and more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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What is Waxing Treatment?

Waxing treatments in Portsmouth is a method of hair removal where a layer of wax is applied to the skin. It’s then swiftly removed in the direction opposite to hair growth, pulling the unwanted hair from its roots. This method effectively pulls hair out from the follicle, resulting in smooth, glowing skin for an extended period compared to shaving or other hair removal methods.

Unlike shaving, which cuts hair at the skin’s surface, waxing removes hair from the root, leading to longer-lasting results and slower regrowth. Additionally, waxing Portsmouth provides smoother, beautiful skin and avoids the risk of cuts or nicks commonly associated with shaving. Unlike threading, which involves using a twisted thread to pluck hair, waxing can cover larger body areas in a single application, making it a quicker and more efficient hair removal option for many people.


Waxing Portsmouth can effectively remove unwanted hair from these
areas, providing smooth and hair-free skin.
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Benefits of Waxing Treatments

Here are some of the advantages of opting for waxing treatments

Smooth and Long-Lasting Results

Waxing is a low-maintenance hair removal method that offers smooth, hair-free skin by removing hair from the root. This significantly reduces the frequency of maintenance compared to daily shaving or regular threading at the brow bar. With results lasting from three to six weeks, waxing provides a longer period of smoothness with far less upkeep, making it an effective and low-maintenance alternative to shaving and threading.

Reduction in Hair Regrowth Over Time

Consistent waxing can lead to finer and less dense hair over time, weakening the follicle by removing hair from the root. This method offers a progressive way to reduce hair volume and thickness in treated areas permanently.

Less Irritation Compared to Shaving

Waxing, in contrast to shaving—which can cause razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs—often results in less skin irritation. This is because waxing extracts hair from the root, avoiding the sharp, stubbly regrowth that leads to discomfort. Additionally, high-quality waxes with soothing ingredients can reduce post-treatment redness and irritation, enhancing the skin's comfort.

Potential for Thinner and Finer Hair Regrowth

Waxing offers the benefit of thinner and finer hair regrowth, as hair tends to grow weaker with each removal from the root. Regular treatments can transform thick, coarse hair into a more manageable and aesthetically appealing texture over time, making it an ideal solution for those seeking softer, less dense hair.

Who is an Ideal
Candidate for Waxing?

You’re an ideal candidate for waxing treatments if you seek a long-lasting hair removal solution that delivers smoother results. This includes if you:
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Waxing Treatment Procedure

Here is the waxing process at Thrive Med Spa & Wellness, which involves several steps:

Skin Preparation: The first step in waxing is ensuring the skin is clean and dry. We recommend exfoliating the area a day before your waxing appointment to remove dirt and dead skin cells and ensure the wax adheres properly to the hair. It's also important to check the length of the hair; it should be about a quarter of an inch long for the wax to grip effectively.

Application of Wax: Depending on the method used, either a thin layer of hot wax or pre-made strips are applied and pressed onto the skin in the direction of hair growth. The wax is allowed to cool for a few seconds to grip the hair firmly.

Hair Removal:: Once the wax has cooled and adhered to the hair, it's quickly pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth. This action removes the hair from the root, leading to smoother skin. The procedure is repeated until all unwanted hair is removed. After the waxing, a soothing oil or lotion may be applied to the treated area to reduce any irritation or redness.

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Aftercare Tips for Waxing

To maintain smooth, healthy skin and avoid irritation or ingrown hairs after waxing, follow these essential aftercare tips:
  • Avoid heat sources, intense exercise, and tight clothing for 24-48 hours to prevent irritation.
  • Choose loose, breathable fabrics to minimize friction and promote air circulation, reducing ingrown hair risk.
  • Cleanse the area with mild, fragrance-free soap.
  • Apply a gentle moisturizer with tea tree oil or aloe vera to soothe the skin.
  • Gently exfoliate the waxed area 2-3 times a week, a few days after waxing, with a soft scrub or exfoliating glove.
  • Use salicylic or glycolic acid products to keep pores clear and reduce inward hair growth.
  • Apply cool compresses and aloe vera gel to reduce inflammation and support skin healing.
  • Stay hydrated to aid in the healing process and maintain skin elasticity.
  • Keep the waxed area out of direct sunlight for at least 24-48 hours to prevent sunburn and damage.
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Cost of Waxing
Treatment in Portsmouth

In Portsmouth, the cost of waxing treatments ranges from $10 to $120, reflecting various factors, including the waxing method used (e.g., strip wax, hard wax, sugar wax), the body area being treated, and the estheticians’ experience level.

Smaller, less intricate areas such as eyebrows or upper lips are at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, while larger or more sensitive areas like full body wax, leg wax, bikini wax, or Brazilian wax command higher prices due to the advanced skills and materials required.

Our skilled estheticians, trained in the latest waxing techniques, ensure every waxing Portsmouth session is effective and comfortable. 

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