Promising Supplements You Should Try If You’re Going Through Menopause

Improve your quality of life with menopause treatment in Portsmouth!

Menopause Treatment Portsmouth NHSymptoms associated with menopause can cause pain and discomfort. It hampers one’s social life and impairs work performance. In general, women with menopausal symptoms have a poor quality of life.

The good news is that there are several options for managing unwanted symptoms and adapting to this new phase of your life. Menopause treatment is available in Portsmouth, NH. It aims to provide relief from menopausal symptoms and reduce the risk of developing menopause-related diseases.

Adding vitamins and dietary supplements to your menopause treatment program can also be helpful! Our hormone experts from Portsmouth, NH, recommend the best menopause supplements and dietary choices to make, so you’re supported throughout menopause.

In addition to your menopause treatment, there are many natural supplements available to relieve symptoms of menopause so you can improve your quality of life. Just remember to consult your physician before starting any new treatment.

Am I Going Through Menopause?

Women enter menopause 12 months after they have last had a period. The years leading up to menopause are called perimenopause or menopausal transition.

The amount of estrogen and progesterone produced by your ovaries declines as you approach menopause. Both hormones are vital to regulating your menstrual cycle and other bodily functions.

A woman experiencing menopause enters a strange new reality. It seems as if she has taken on an entirely new identity.

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Menopause treatment addresses symptoms associated with hormone decline caused by aging. Symptoms before, during, and after menopause include:

  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic pain
  • Loss of muscle and increased fat or weight gain
  • Loss of sex drive (libido)
  • Decreased bladder control
  • Mood swings
  • Memory issues or decreased cognition
  • Reduced mental clarity/focus (“brain fog”)
  • Vaginal dryness or pain
  • Migraine

Why Should I Take Menopause Supplements?

Menopause Treatment Portsmouth NHBy incorporating natural supplements for perimenopause into your daily regimen, you can relieve the associated symptoms while safeguarding your long-term health. Vitamins and minerals support a healthy lifestyle and can also improve your overall health.

Menopause changes your nutritional needs, and your diet may not provide these essential nutrients. In addition to playing an important role in maintaining the body’s functions, vitamins also help prevent heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, bone loss, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

Adding supplements and vitamins to your menopause treatment plan can improve your health and relieve symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

What Supplements Do I Need To Take?

    1. Vitamin D

      Vitamin D plays a key role in bone health because it is needed to produce osteocalcin, a protein that strengthens bones and boosts testosterone levels. Menopause often leads to osteoporosis or brittle bones as hormone levels decline.

      In addition to keeping bones strong, vitamin D in menopausal women also improves brain function, decreases cognitive decline, and prevents menopause depression.

      Daily supplementation of vitamin D and increased sun exposure (make sure to use sunscreen) are great ways to get vitamin D into your system. You can also eat avocados, fatty fish, egg yolks, and cheese for your vitamin D needs.

    2. Calcium

      A decrease in hormone levels during menopause is also associated with bone loss. Bone resorption is when the body uses calcium from the bones in the blood; decreased calcium levels and increased bone resorption exacerbates bone loss, which may lead to osteoporosis and increased risk of fractures.

      That is why women should consume 1200 mg to 1500 mg of calcium daily. Aside from calcium supplements and dairy products, you can boost your calcium intake from tofu, figs, whey protein, leafy greens, and seeds.

    3. Vitamin E

      Among its many benefits, vitamin E reduces hot flashes and won’t cause you to gain weight. Its antioxidant properties also help prevent heart disease, ease stress, reduce oxidative stress, and reduce the risk of depression.

      Most multivitamins on the market already contain the recommended daily allowance of vitamin E (15 mg). You can also increase your dietary vitamin E intake by consuming nuts, seeds, wheat germ, broccoli, spinach, and shellfish.

    4. Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12

      Vitamin B6 is essential in reducing inflammation, strengthening the immune system, and reducing symptoms caused by low serotonin levels (loss of energy and depression). At the same time, vitamin B12 contributes to red blood cell production, normal brain function, and energy production.

      Menopausal women benefit from these B vitamins in preventing menopause depression, boosting energy levels, and reducing hot flashes. They can also help improve sleep quality and prevent cognitive decline.

    5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

      A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids promotes hormonal balance and provides the building blocks for making hormones for various body functions. Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce menopausal symptoms and prevent hormone-related disorders like hypertriglyceridemia.

      Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties to relieve joint pain, support bone health by increasing bone mineral content and boost mood by restoring structural integrity to brain cells. Get enough omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil supplements, walnuts, oysters, egg yolks, and fatty fish.

Enjoy Your Menopause Years with Menopause Treatment in Portsmouth

Don’t let aging take control of your life. Menopause treatment in Portsmouth can help you improve your quality of life and improve symptoms of age-related hormone decline, such as irritability, fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, and bone loss. The Thrive Med Spa & Wellness can help you!

Thrive Med Spa & Wellness in Portsmouth, NH is an integrative aesthetic and wellness center dedicated to optimizing health by focusing on the root cause of your symptoms and anti-aging services that target restoring youth and vitality.

For more information on menopause treatment, contact our specialists in Portsmouth today at (603) 496-8802.

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